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Advertisement – Manufacturing

Design & Technical Services is a division of Volt that specializes in outsourced engineering, design, and manufacturing services. Each year they place an ad in Peoria Progress magazine, and each year they ask that we “do an ad just like last year, except different.” These three ads show the evolution of the same/different ad over three years.




Print Advertising – Electric Utilities

Columbia River PUD is a publicly-owned utility serving rural northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington, and they wanted a voice that was blue-collar and rural. I wrote ads for them for several years, and created brand names for a several of their programs, including Always Current, their automatic payment plan (with the dual meaning in the title—always up to date, always with energy) and Chinook Winds and Columbia Waves for their Choice Energy renewable wind turbine and hydroelectric programs respectively.




Print Advertising – Non-profit (spec)

Freecycle was a local non-profit that was recycling bicycles and wheelchairs for people who couldn’t afford their own, and it inspired me to create this spec ad. Car shopping is an activity to which many can relate, so I played with the idea of finding just the right vehicle. (Sadly, the non-profit has ceased operation.)