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Blog – Staffing

Volt Workforce Solutions‘ blog predominantly featured lots of text and little visual imagery, but now and then I worked with the designers to create something emphatically visual, including this fun poster (designed by Stacy Nguyen) for readers to print and place on their workplace refrigerators.


Issue Brief – Workforce Consulting

Volt Consulting Group provides workforce consulting and managed services programs (MSPs) across North America and Europe. This issue brief was created to explain to clients how an MSP can also manage Statement of Work projects. The goal was a concise yet comprehensive overview of the process that didn’t come across as a sales effort.

Page 1


Page 2


Campaign – Staffing (IT Specialists)

Volt Workforce Solutions, a leading staffing supplier in the IT sector, wanted a campaign that emphasized how their industry expertise enabled them to identify and deliver better candidates for niche technical positions. We created “We get IT people”, a campaign that incorporated a web page, emails, and drop-off cards customized to more than 40 markets.

Web page


Drop-off Card




Blog – Staffing

Volt Workforce Solutions‘ candidate-facing blog provides advice on finding a job, keeping your job, and excelling in your career. The blog is the primary driver of web traffic to the company’s website, and we designed it to offer helpful insights without overtly promoting our services. I relied on both industry research and personal experience to write more than 30 posts.



blog-ProveIt blog-BigWords

Campaign – Staffing (Contact Center)

Volt Workforce Solutions provides staffing services for customer contact centers across North America. They wanted a multi-touch campaign that addressed the common pain points their clients experience. We created a landing page, emails, and a postcard/drop-off card that succinctly addressed how Volt addresses those pain points and adds value for prospective clients.

Web Landing page


CC2014-em4 CC2014-em3 CC2014-em2 CC2014-em1

Postcard/Drop-Off card

Direct Mail – Staffing

Volt Workforce Solutions created Our Biggest Stories Start Small, a direct-mail campaign created to highlight the value that a single individual can bring to a business. Rather than merely claim that Volt supplies better employees (a claim made by every staffing company), this four-touch campaign tells true stories of people who made a difference for Volt’s clients.


Print – Staffing

Volt Workforce Solutions markets to both employers looking for talent and people looking for work. This one-sheet overview provided job seekers with a simple explanation of the advantages of working with Volt.